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Mint and near-mint condition hardcovers and paperbacks
from SF and fantasy authors Diane Duane and Peter Morwood

Going out of print sale: Last copies of the Young Wizards digest format editions on sale now

In 2005, after bringing out the original mass-market paperbacks of the first few Young Wizards novels, Harcourt Trade Publishers made the interesting decision to launch a parallel line of digest-format paperbacks with new covers by award-winning artist Greg Swearingen. The first six books came out in that format and did extremely well. (The decision was made to stop at six as the books were felt to be becoming "more adult" in the subsequent volumes, and it was thought the later novels wouldn't sell as well in that format.)

Now we're thirteen years along from that point, and the sales of the digest-format books have slowed enough that Harcourt has made the decision to allow them to go out of print. This being the case, we chose to acquire the last of the publisher's inventory for Signed Books Direct.

If you're one of the people who grew up with these editions, perhaps you'd like to acquire a signed mint-quality copy for your collection? We have just a very limited number of each book that you see below -- on the average, between fifteen and twenty copies. When they're gone, they're gone.

We ship worldwide. Everything goes out by registered mail, to prevent losses. Most weeks we ship on Wednesday, but during the first week in October books will be going out on Tuesday the 2nd. 

If you're ordering, please do not forget to use the Notes field during checkout to tell us how you want your book signed. Otherwise it can't be shipped until we email you for details.

Thanks for your interest!

(BTW, just to resolve any uncertainty: these books are not abridged or condensed in any way -- they contain the full texts. "Digest format" simply refers to the size and shape of the books.)