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Mint and near-mint condition hardcovers and paperbacks
from SF and fantasy authors Diane Duane and Peter Morwood

How and when we ship

To prevent losses, especially in transatlantic transit, we ship all our books by registered mail, via An Post, the Irish national postal system. This ensures that packages stay under lock and key from our local post office in Baltinglass, County Wickow, to the post office that handles your deliveries.

We normally ship once a week, on Wednesdays, as the post office is a somewhat expensive cab ride away from us. (Our little local village lost its post office due to budget cuts nearly five years ago, and we miss it sorely.)  When your item is on its way to the post office, we mark your order "fulfilled" and the online store will notify you at the email address you used to make the purchase.

The day after your item ships, we attach its tracking information (always in the format RL5XXXXXXXXIE) to your order in the online shop and instruct the store to send you a confirmation email. We wait one day to do this in order to prevent "false positives" from online tracking sources that might otherwise lead you to think your package was actually on its way to you from a local post office.

Registered mail can be tracked in one of three ways: though the online gateway of your local postal system, through the tracking system at An Post's website  (there's a box for this on the front page), or through our shipping partner Aftership. Aftership is best, as it coordinates results from all of the world's major shipping and postal services in one spot. As soon as we add a tracking number to your order, Aftership picks it up from the online store and adds it to its own database. Using Aftership, you can then track your package's progress from whatever platform you please.